Meet the Maker #1 Me


This month I'm going to take up the Instagram  March Meet The Maker daily challenge set by @joannehawker .
Each challenge prompts a little look behind the scenes at the maker behind the brand
Today's challenge IS ME

I don't often talk about myself, so it's a little out of my comfort zone... but I love to see behind the scenes glimpses of other designers who I admire so... here goes! .
A little bit about ME!
⚡️I'm a 47 year old designer 
I live in Nunhead, which is in South East London with my 15 year old son and my boyfriend
⚡️When I'm not in my studio designing cool costumes for kids, I work in film & TV as a costumier, which means I style, fit & dress actors & look after them on set
. ⚡️I studied textile design and have a degree in embroidery!
⚡️ I love to work with kids and teach sewing and making workshops .
I also make costume props for theatre... but more about that later!
⚡️I love camping, yoga, making fires, cooking outdoors, the sea and reading obsessively. ⚡️I'm completely fascinated by people and what makes them tick. In another life I would be a therapist. Or a surgeon! those tiny stitches!) ⚡️Favourite animal:moose
Favourite colour: orange
Favourite smell: freshly cut grass
Favourite season:autumn