our mission

What we do

Our mission is to create original, vibrant & fun costumes to satisfy your little ones’ thirst for imagination & adventure. (And yours for beauty, quality & design)

Our mix-n-match range helps harness kids’ imaginations by allowing them to create their own characters & worlds.   We don’t believe in gender divisions – all of our pieces are suitable for girls and boys alike. We want to capture the spirit & playfulness of a childhood filled with exploration & discovery

Designed with kids in mind, our costumes are durable and easy to wear. Little ones can get themselves dressed up without too much help from the grown-ups, allowing them as much autonomy as possible and time to get on with the serious business of playing!

How we do it

Our dedicated team of small people put each costume through its paces until we know that it is comfortable to wear and fun to play in. If it’s met with squeals of delight, we know we are on to a winner

As a homegrown British brand, using the best quality materials & keeping production within the UK are high on our agenda. We are a small studio team producing short batch runs of each of our products, most of which are finished by hand, in-house at our studio in South London

Hardwearing, hard-playing, these are heirloom pieces to keep and treasure forever.