Our Story

When my son was small, he loved to dress up. Not just for parties and special occasions, but every day. For him it was a way of life. He was a somewhat eclectic stylist, using whatever he had to hand to create elaborate costumes.  With the aid of a battered up hat, a marigold glove and a stick, I watched him transform into the hero of his imagination. Fighting dragons, exploring outer space and navigating to the North Pole.

As his adventures grew, so did his requests for more and more costumes. I noticed a gap in the market for well made and well designed costumes which encouraged creative play.  With this in mind, I set about creating a range of mix’n’match dress up accessories, designed with kids in mind.

My background as a textile designer, a costumier in the film & TV industry and my experience as a mum placed me in a unique position. Demand quickly grew and iwishiwasa… was born.