about us

Welcome to iwishiwasa... the adventure starts here!

My son was the inspiration for iwishwasa. From a young age, he was a passionate dresser-upper and an accomplished (if eclectic) stylist.  Armed with nothing more than a marigold glove, an old fur hat and a stick, I saw how his dressing-up games allowed him to enter his own reality, full of adventure and imagination.

Growing up in the 1970s, my childhood consisted of lots of outdoor play and very little screen time. I remember a feeling of spaciousness and time stretching on forever.  We were forced to use our imaginations because there wasn’t a whole lot else to do.  I want to recapture that feeling – the nostalgia of endless sunny days playing outside, making dens, climbing trees, where a simple stick can become anything you want.  Fun and exploration is my vision of childhood, and I want to give kids the freedom to create their own stories full of adventure and exploration.

I realized there was a gap in the market for costumes which allow kids the freedom to be creative in the way they play, as well as being well-made and good looking. With this in mind, I set about creating a collection of dress-up accessories. My background as a costume and textile designer – and my experience as mum – placed me in a unique position.  Demand grew quickly, and iwishwasa…was born!