All about us... aka the instagram challenge

I've been taking part in the March meet-the-maker instagram challenge over the past week and sharing a little about me and the story of how it all began here at iwishiwasa...

Here's al little roundup in case you've missed out (or take a look at our instagram feed)

 Here's the challenge!



When I started my business, I was extremely lucky to receive huge amounts of support from my talented & creative friends.  First up, creative thinker extraordinaire Matt Carr got me off to a roaring start by helping me with my branding & imagery.  These beauties are my favourites and I use them as stickers on all of my packaging and post.  They sum up everything I'm about in 4 little neat circles - colour, fun, playfulness, mixing & matching.  Who doesn't love a sticker?


 Day #2 YOU

I hate having my photo taken and am pretty awkward and shy in front of the camera, so its a rare achievement to capture me looking happy AND relaxed.  My friend and collaborator Barry Woods snapped this on his iPhone whilst I was slightly tipsy (good tactic!)

I've been working with Barry since I started iwishiwasa... on my product and website photography.  I love his ability to capture kids feeling natural and playful whilst making my costumes look totally amazing.

I studied embroidery and textile design before going to work in the costume department in film & TV.  When my son was 3 years old, I became a single mum and couldn't work any more (filming hours are insanely long and I don't have any family nearby to help).  I wanted to find a way of working around looking after him... A lot of soul searching & serendipity led me to pull together all of my skills, background & experience and start iwishiwasa... 



I'm very lucky to share a bright, south facing studio on the 4th floor of an old industrial building in the heart of Peckham.  We have fabulous views of London including (south facing) wooded and green views of Nunhead Cemetery and One Tree Hill and (north facing) a stunning panorama of London including the busy railway line which runs parallel to our building. 

This is my beloved Bernina 950 industrial sewing machine where I do the bulk of my sewing



Day #4 TOOLS

My essential sewing tools... can't live without my trademark black thread which I use to outline all of my appliqué and lovely red iwishiwasa... fabric labels which go into every garment.  

A lot of cutting happens at our studio and there is a pair of scissors for every job.  The large orange handled ones for cutting leatherette, the pointy black ones for cutting fiddly shapes, the golden heron ones for snipping threads, the teflon coated for sticky surfaces, paper scissors (NEVER cut paper with fabric scissors!!) the big dressmaking shears and my can't live without olga rotary cutting wheel & pattern curve.  Phew!


 Day #5  WHERE

This is our studio. The Bussey Building is a 4 storey Edwardian industrial building which was built & run by George Bussey where he manufactured cricket bats made from willow grown on his Suffolk farm.  The building has seen huge changes over the past few years and is now home to a vibrant community of creative people including 2 floors of designer/maker studios

 That's this weeks round up.  More coming soon!